Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Demo by Sold Short

Winter Demo by Sold Short
1. Intro
2. No Direction
3. Walk On
4. Hellbent

While it's no Springfield, the Dallas hardcore scene has some amazing bands to offer. Sold Short is one such band, and with Winter Demo, Sold Short shows what they are made of. Production of the release is really well done, and instrumentation is solid. Vocals are yell vocals, laid back in the mix, and really cathartic. You've got a sick bass line in the Intro, some cool guitar parts/ deviations on Hellbent, but other than that, this is a straight up hardcore punk release. You've got your chug/chug/head spin rhythm seen throughout, and vocals are angry. Intro/ the ending to Hellbent makes me want to move, and the release on a whole is really solid. Something you can move to. 

Favorite Track: Hellbent