Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ideas for 2014 [Potentially Cool Ideas]

Ayyyy, so as a junior that cares more about playing music with lotz of people than my own education [I mean public education is a joke if you ask me] here's some ideas for what 2014 CAN be for the local scene.

1. Do/bring things to get in free to shows [to make shows more fun]

For example:
say I'm booking/headlining a hardcore show [thanks to Alpha that may happen], I might say "Hey, if you bring a lightsaber to pit with, you'll get in free." or [for birthdayz] "bring in x cake for x individual to get in free". Sure, there are plenty of ways to con through these kind of propositions, but I'm not making any money anyways so it doesn't mean anything to me.  Stuff like that is always been a thing to get me (and other people) to do anything, so I'd think the scene would already have picked up on that.

2. More mixed genre shows

Yeah, it could be a little weird, like I saw two touring acoustic "bands" [Lesbian Poetry and Cookie Doh] booked on the same show as Discourse. It was a rad show, sadly I had to leave at the beginning of Discourse, but it was kind of disheartening how the hardcore kids just looked down and ignored the other two bands. Like I get you're titled to your own opinion but damn, those guys drove from Des Moines, Iowa to play for like 12 people. But the point is to basically to bring the families together. Like before last November I didn't even think we had an indie scene in Springfield.

3. Make friends, make more bands

With places like The OBEC now open, why isn't everybody and their grandma forming a band [be it hardcore, emo, djent, metal, whatever]? When I go to shows it always seems like everybody only talks to their groups of friends. I didn't have any friends in the scene [I'd have my mom drop me off and pick me up from shows until like last year, and I'd hang out by myself in the front, moshing for myself whenever there was moshes] until I introduce my friends Lane and Adrian into it, because they'd talk to people they thought they knew and I'd get to know them out of just being there in the conversation. So maybe become more social, less pretentious and if you have anything to say, make some silly-chaotic band to say it in.

4. Less professionalism, more D.I.Y

I notice incline of local band appreciation [in Ozark anyways] after Inferni333 release our ep this summer (I don't really care for it at all, but it's what it is), I think this because the kids realize that it's possible to get a band together and put something out for your friends to listen to. Now the only downside is that can cost a lot more than most people are willing to pay [$600ish for 5 songs, and that was "cheap"] so how to fix that? Borrow stuff from friends, record what with you have, get it out there. You don't need an expensive studio with an engineer to get you a good recording. Just need a good room.

This is all I'm going to put up for now.
"Let's see how many songs we can make in 2014"