Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still Bummed by Nouns

Still Bummed by Nouns
1. dogs
2. still bummed
3. school bus
4. conch
5. yaw
6. dumped
7. way
8. you're not the one i want
9. the graduate
10. great big "fuck" and how i'm coping with it

I was going through tumblr, re-blogging some sad posts and looking for sad music on bandcamp when I found Still Bummed by Nouns under the "Sad" music tag. This lo-fi emo/electronic/indie rock noise punk release was perfect for a sad snowed in day. Nouns is a band from Little Rock, Arkansas, and Still Bummed was recorded in a bedroom, and has a great lo-fi vibe to it. Each song flows into one another wonderfully, making it easy to get lost in the 10 songs as they slowly meld together. Vocals are spacey and held back, and the lyrics are for the most part easy to relate to. If you've ever seen a shoegaze band live, you'll get the same kind of feeling listening to Nouns. Instrumentation is wide and very sad, guitar driven, almost punk at times, give it a listen and download it for 50 cents when you get the chance because it's worth it. 
Favorite Track: You're Not The One I Want