Monday, January 6, 2014

S/T EP (2011) by Single Mothers

S/T by Single Mothers
1. Christian Girls
2. Hell (Is My Backup Plan)
3. Winter Coats
4. Baby

Single Mothers is a good old fashioned punk band from Canada. It's awesome to see a refreshing punk band these days, most of what I see is Hardcore punk or some variation of the such but then again if we get down to genre's that specific then well I'm just being a genre nazi and that's no fun. Anyway, Punk band Single Mothers released their sophomore release back in 2011, and this little four song EP caught my attention from the first song. Recording is lo-fi, and this three piece band (Which, by the way, I dig three piece bands) puts a lot of sound into their music with their line-up. Vocals are scratchy and loud, sailing over the mix, and cymbal rides do stand out a lot. Guitar is well done, and as it's the only other instrument as far as I can see, it does a lot with what it's given. The talent of these guys is obvious. Also, as I said, recording is lo-fi (Sounds like recorded through a potato, some would say) but it's on the better side of Lo-fi recording. Check it out.
Favorite Track: Christian Girls