Friday, February 28, 2014

Awesome Knives by Grammer,

Awesome Knives | Grammer
1. Astronaww, Man
2. Coy Wolf
3. Quit (Your Job)
4. Friends in the Hotel Industry
5. Cigarette Regimen

New Release from local emo/twinkle band Grammer, melds the twinkle/emo with a spacy "inevitable happiness" kind of feel. The production, (This release recorded by local record label, Drunk Dad Records), is very well done, a vocals take a mix between a breathless singing raspy scream vocals known well to the emo genre. When it comes to instrumentation, well played guitars dance around the tracks, providing both a punk feel to the songs, such as "Quit (Your Job)", and yet also the twinkle love as seen in "Cigarette Regimen". Bass is driving and well heard. Drums (by none other than 417's very own Alex Harris(Dirk Frazel, Dirt Nap, Flawless, etc)) are something anyone will enjoy listening to. Saying something about the final song on the release, "Cigarette Regimen", this version of Grammer,'s song is so much more happy sounding than the original. This entire release is an overall happy-ish emo release, if that's possible. Check it out though, it's an amazing five songs, and watch these guys live sometime, I love em. 

Favorite Track: Cigarette Regimen