Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Fault, Sorry by Goods

My Fault, Sorry | Goods

"I really hate to say this, but not even our love could save us, I've gone on without you"
Emo band Goods from Indiana's single release, "My Fault, Sorry" is a short minute and a half release that anyone who loves the genre will dig. I really dig the vocals, and at the time this was release, Goods was a two piece band, as far as I'm aware. Vocals remind me of Title Fight, and the guitar playing is good for being the only instrument with the drums. Drumming is really something that I enjoyed listening to, and as this is a short track, I was able to listen to it multiple times and enjoy each aspect of the song differently every time. Check this band out, they are releasing a split coming up with Common Wealth through Deaf Neg Records