Thursday, February 20, 2014

Common Wealth|Goods Split

Common Wealth / Goods Split
1. November - Common Wealth
2. Wither/Fade - Common Wealth
3. Depart - Goods
4. Beautiful - Goods

Released off of Deaf Negative Records, the common wealth/goods split is a four song melodic hardcore/throwback emo release. Common Wealth, starting off the release, throws out a fast paced, hard hitting song, "November", which to me, seems to be the best song off this release. Although i'm a huge fan of Goods, I'm really digging the Common Wealth side of this split. 
When it comes to the goods half of the split, they follow the flow of the melodic hardcore/throwback emo of the songs, and I'm really digging "Depart". Really love Kegan's vocals. Overall, these two bands really matched well together, making this a really cool split to listen to. Check it out, you can find their sides of the split on their respective bandcamps. 

favorite song overall: November
Favorite Common Wealth Song: November
Favorite Goods Song: Depart