Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rabid Visions by Purgatory

Rabid Visions | Purgatory
1. Execution
2. Mindless
3. Territory
4. Rabid Visions

Purgatory is a hardcore band with heavy metal aspects from Nebraska. Rabid Visions is the band's newest release, and is a short one, clocking in at nine minutes. Production is really well done, and mixing was done well. Vocals are metal-esq, not the kind you'll find in the normal hardcore scene. Kinda reminds me of Harms Way. Anyway, if it wasn't for the breakdowns, this would be a metal album, and if it added some clean vocals, it would be metalcore. You've got your chugs throughout most of the release, and there is some scattered double bass peddle, making a nice addition instead of the constant double bass peddle that you find in metalcore bands. In  Rabid Visions there is this sick breakdown that I really enjoyed listening to and that came out of no where. Check this release out, everyone in the band is really good at what they do. 

Favorite Track: Rabid Visions