Sunday, February 9, 2014

Place of Suffering by ALIENATE YOU

Place of Suffering | ALIENATE YOU
Single off of the upcoming EP: "Only Truth Remains" due March 2014

Alright so Missouri band ALIENATE YOU release a single to get hype for their upcoming EP, and they're doing just that. I got to see ALIENATE YOU at a show recently, and even though it was like their second show ever they had people moving like no other. Their vocalist has amazing stage presence, and everyone is really good at the instruments that they play. Can't wait to see their full release. So anyway, vocals are something I want to mention. They are those old fashioned kind of hardcore vocals, the kind that are more punk and don't really encompass screaming, but more like that angry talking shit that sounds really good. Production is really good, they put some time into this. Check it out, and be on the lookout for "Only Truth Remains" in March. One of the new rising stars from my area.