Monday, March 16, 2015

Farmhouse Sessions by Those Dirty Eyes

1. Delta Queen
2. My Baby
3. Old Alabama
4. Black Lung
5. Tree Swinger

Grab a beer and ruffle your beard, delta blues boys Those Dirty Eyes just released Farmhouse Sessions, which was in fact, recorded in a farmhouse. Listening to these five songs makes me think of the title sequence to some B-rate tv show about detectives in the swamplands. A two piece band, guitars are filled with slides, bends, and heavy distortion. Drums are heavy and hard-hitting, and vocals (Both members) are cathartic; not yelling but strained, raspy singing. Exactly the kind of vocals delta blues music should have.
There is a lo-fi aspect to the music, and that's okay because it fits the band perfectly. I don't think they would sound the same if they went and recorded in some high-quality studio. It's a quick release, and
just something to pop in and listen to, so check it out.

Favorite track: Black Lung