Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Path to Hell by Corkscrew

*PATH TO HELL* by Corkscrew
1. Lord have Mercy
2. Shame
3. Undeserving
4. Path To Hell
5. Abhorrence

Gary, Indiana metallic hardcore band Corkscrew's newest release, Path To Hell, is 14 minutes of pure hell. Released on Work Ethic Records, back in December, Corkscrew throws themselves into the light by showing just what they're capable of. Each track is filled with anger, Derick's vocal range and the band's musical talent keeping the listener under their trance the entire time. Metal-c0re aspects can be seen in songs such as "Abhorrence", and catchy guitar riffs are found throughout. The songwriting ability of those in corkscrew is found in the smallest parts of these songs, from the guitar solo in "Path to Hell" to the ridiculous beatdown breakdown in "Abhorrence". So check  this out, and order the cassette off of Work Ethic. This guys are great.

Favorite track: Abhorrence.