Thursday, January 22, 2015

Leaving Home by Old State

1. Misingno (1 in 256)
2. Leaving Home
3. It Could be Perfect
4. Go Home, Roger
5. Blend

So Old State is a band that I've played with, from Saint Louis, and I just got their CD in the mail along with a bunch of other stuff, and decided I'd give it a listen. This cd reminds me a lot of that one Have Mercy Song about Hair. Title fight reminiscent. But like. Obviously title fight reminiscent. Like hey you ever heard Old State? Yeah I love Title Fight and That Hair song's offspring baby. But anyway I digress. The music is good, and it's something that you should check out. It's not fast enough to consist of stage dives but honestly it's just like pop punk music so I get that.
I like D-beats as much as the next guy, all bands should D beat forever but eventually you just end up hearing the same song over and over and over and over and over and oh there it is again and oops some d-beats sick. But all jokes aside this is just one of those good olde fashioned emo-pop punk releases. It's really kind of good, and something that you should check out.

Favorite track: Go Home, Roger