Thursday, January 22, 2015

Still by Nouns

1. Fourteen
2. I feel as though I've failed
3. Soccer ball
4. fox wound
5. closer
6. wreck
7. ghost legs
8. little slugger
9. ski mask
10. daydream
11. I still want to make you proud
12. but I can't stay here

Arkansas band Nouns released Still a while back, and this is a quick look at what is one of the more notable releases of 2014. After Still Bummed, their first major release, the band had a lot to live up to, and they met the bar and just raised it higher. With personal lyrics, wonderful sound through hi end lo-fi recordings, and great vocal types, this band throws a wide variety of indie space-rock/emo music into the world. The twelve songs each hold a personal feeling, meaning that there is not a dull moment on this release that incorporates so much sound. In all 12 of the songs, the overall vibe is a more spacey/withdrawn/ghost like vibe that really sounds amazing. Vocals are removed in the release in most parts, and I think that the recording style fits the music so well. This is a release that you need to check out, it's one everyone needs to listen to.

Favorite track: daydream