Friday, January 30, 2015

Interview with 417 band, Ritual

I got to talk with front man Kyle Roller of the new 417 Metallic Hardcore band, Ritual, who just released their Demo, Nascentes Morimur. The album, which is reminiscent of 90's dad metal, is a five track release filled with anger and spit. The band, which I had the pleasure of watching at a recent show, is well put together and has a great live sound which puts it on my radar as a must watch band for 2015.

First off, I really really dig the sound, you guys are great and I loved seeing you live at the recent Homewrecker show. How long have you guys been a band?
Well I actually am not an original member. After surrender decided they were done Tyler and Tanner decided to play around with some other sounds and jammed a lot winter of last year with some other guys. When the drummer they had wasn't working out tanner hit me up to play drums and that was probably August or September of this year. We added Cole and JD when we finally started getting asked to play gigs regularly in probably October or September

What are some influences on your music?
Turmoil, Disembodied, Bloodlet are probably the three biggest ones but we draw inspiration from all over. Chokehold, Stigmata, Earth Crisis, VOD are all bands we love to draw inspiration from even if it's not present stylistically... If that makes any sense.

I saw that you guys recently played down in Texas, how was that? I know that Texas has an amazing hardcore scene, and it's really cool that you guys got to play down there.
DFW hardcore is so awesome. We played an awesome fest for an awesome cause and had an absolute blast. We got a great reaction and got a lot of really great feedback. There are videos from almost every set that weekend and they are all so sick.

So I heard you guys have a split coming up, who is it with and when is it coming out? of life from the DFW area. It should be out somewhere between now and this summer.

Any cool shows coming up?

And Even cooler yet, all of the videos from the show that they played down in texas can be found on this facebook page: 
Facebook Page with all of them videos

But if you want to see just that amazing ritual video, here it is.

I'm telling you check these guys out. They are a band you do not want to miss out on.