Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Demo by BIND

//2015 Demo||Bind\\
1. No Justice
2. Capital Punishment
3. Hands of the Priest
4. American Discipline

     American hardcore is getting more and more heavy as the years go on, but a lot of it seems to be losing the actual anger that tr00 hardcore embodies. The 2015 Demo by Bind combines the new age chug-a -chug-as with the ever loved d-beat, two step, bust it parts that every hardcore release really needs. Not even all the way through the first track and I was hooked and wanting to hear more. This release picks up the energy and never lets go, slaying like no other. I feel like 2015 was a good year for hardcore that isn't transitioning to that "Not beatdown" beatdown metalcore stuff, and this is a release that needs to be checked out. 
"One Nation, Under God, with the Police above the law"
If you like bands like Iron Born, Sold Short, and Vulgar Display, you'll like this release.  
ChEcK iT OuT

Favorite Track: American Discipline