Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Road To West Egg by Terra Alive

The Road To West Egg by Terra Alive
1. Silverado
2.Sunday School
3. Lima Heights
4.Colossal Titan

Do you like experimental math rock? Vocals that sound like that one pop singer you claim to hate but secretly love? Rapping? Well nerds, I have the perfect EP for you! I present The Road To West Egg  by Terra Alive. This EP includes 4 catchy tracks that leave the listener desperate for more from the moment they hear the guitar lead just before the first vocals come in. As the album progresses it's beautiful tones and incredible melodies take over and then before you know it you've listened to the short release over 20 times. One of the coolest things about this release and Terra Alive as a whole is that the vocalist, Andres Aparicio writes and records everything you hear. (vocals,guitar,bass,and drums) Anyways to put it bluntly this is a 10/10 release for me and I genuinely believe it has something for everyone.

Favorite Track: Lima Heights