Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wakes By Loop Line

Wakes by Loop Line
Wakes by Loop Line
Wakes by Loop Line

here's the setlist
1)Nothing About You
3)Parts Unknown
4)Dusty Keys

here's an entertaining music video for Parts Unknown (hit that link)

Loop Line is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, or half of them anyways. They've got this chill surf-y vibe mashed in with some 60's-ish melodies and the circus. For max effect you should probably be listening to this on the beach smoking some fruity flavor of cigarillos or weed or whatever you like, I guess. Anyways, they've got that Vampire Weekend-smash-beatles-smash-Temple-smash-Motion City Soundtrack stint going on and if that's up your alley way you should get with it and smash that 'like' button.

My favorite track is Grin, nothing quites get me grooving more than some sour notes with some chillin' vocal and a steady bass groove. The rest of the tracks are ill with infectious vocal harmonies and guitar diddlies so make sure to look out for these dudes with any future releases.

Imagine looking in the void and seeing whirling colors for once because of this stuff, wow.
now for the linkz

FFO: BEST FRIENDS, Motion City Soundtrack, Surf Curse