Monday, May 16, 2016

No Love by Frontside

Frontside: No Love
1. Frontside 
2. No Love 
3. Misery
4. Get A Grip
5. Slipped
6. In My Face
7. Souls

For those of you who actively followed Long Drive Records when that was something I was doing you guys probably remember Cut Your Losses, remember their strikingly handsome vocalist Jeremy? Well this is what he is doing now. I remember being so excited to hear this release and then hearing it and feeling instantly let down...but nah in all honesty this is really good like REALLY good. The vocals are filled with both hurt and anger and the instrumentals are basically just really groovy mosh riffs and two steps...So to put it bluntly it's a hardcore record that gets you moving every time you hear it. 9/10 release for me and I can't wait to hear more from these boys. California Hardcore Coming at ya! 

Favorite Track: No Love